BRITMET Tactray 90 – Structural Roof Lining System.



The TACTRAY 90 Tile & Slate Support System is a structural metal lining tray system which replaces timber rafters, facilitating a traditional tiled or slated roof, without the congestion or fire risk of timber. The lightweight and inherent structural strength of the system gives good spanning performance for a variety of roof coverings from fibre-cement slates to heavy stone slates.

Use of the system does not affect the practice of slating or tiling, as the installation of underlay, battens and tiles remains identical and the completed roof shows no visible evidence of its use. The system offers significant reductions in completion times and reduced fire risk. In addition, the underside of the tray can be used as internal finish to the roof eliminating the need for suspended ceilings.


  • BBA certified
  • Spans up to 4400mm possible under normal load conditions
  • Replaces timber rafters
  • Suitable for a range of tiles and slates
  • Perforated to achieve an acoustic solution
  • Available with white polyester finish to the internal face
  • Built-in vapour control gasket
  • Solutions available to allow compliance with Building Regulation ADL2
  • Available with factory fitted counter battens
  • Only Tray on market with BBA backing.


  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Retail
  • Refurbishments
  • Offices
  • Utilities
  • Prisons
  • Leisure
  • Community Centres
  • Areas of high risk

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