Dektite Diverter Flashings for Metal Roofs.


These flashings are suited for both high & low pitches.
No ponding or damming! The large base of the Dektite Diverter dramatically reduces and diverts rainwater back up that can occur on very low or high pitched roofs and deep ribbed roofing profiles. No need to cut around pipes, just quick straight lines for the square base.

Technical information:

  • Pitch: 0-40° ;  0-60° ;
  • For pipes sizes:
75-155mm 114-254mm 254-406mm
380-610mm 235-425mm
  • Base sizes:
410 x 360mm 485 x 460mm 708 x 635mm
1006 x 905mm 750 x 660mm

Colours available:

  • Grey
  • Red Silicone

How do I buy?

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