Dektite EZi-Seal Flashings for Metal Roofs.



Forget the Silicone – Just screw it down!
Features a revolutionary non-absorbant and non-porous sponge gasket that seals by compression, even in wet conditions, it hugs the roof line to provide a watertight seal without the need for silicone sealant.

Technical information:

  • Pitch: 0-45°
  • For pipes sizes:
0-35mm 5-55mm 5-76mm
5-127mm 75-175mm 100-200mm
125-230mm 150-300mm 170-355mm


  • Base sizes:
100 x 100mm 139 x 139mm 178 x 178mm
221 x 221mm 280 x 280mm 310 x 310mm
363 x 363mm 456 x 456mm 496 x 496mm
681 x 681mm


Colours available:

  • Black

How do I buy?

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