Eurogard CP Elite




Eurogard CP Elite is a high-density durable MMA based car parking system designed specifically for high volume traffic areas such as turning circles or access ramps. With system build up from 3-10 mm thick, Eurogard CP Elite offers high-performance waterproofing to highly trafficked decks.

It can be applied to:

  • Car Park Decks
  • Walkways
  • Areas that are subjected to Heavy Folk lift traffic
  • Roof walkways, window access tracks
  • Ramps, Ship Decks, Landing Piers
  • Turning Circles
  • Areas of Heavy Traffic Wear 


  • Ultra fast curing characteristics
  • Tough, resilient, and highly durable
  • Range of slip- resistant and skid resistant finishes
  • Resistant to oil, petrol, diesel and many industrial chemicals
  • Flexible and abrasion resistant
  • Colour options allow easy differentiation of specific areas e.g. walkways and parking bays in different colours.
  • Low temperature cure

Product range: DURUS




Durus is the Euro Polymers range of highly durable coatings for balconies, car parks, railway platforms, turning circles and podium decks. With systems offering rapid application times and quick curing, these products offer a quick return to service and minimum disruption to tenants and building users.


  • Balconycote
  • Balconycote Flex
  • Eurogard Podium
  • Eurogard CP-TM
  • Eurogard CP
  • Eurogard CP Elite

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