Eurotec Ultra




Eurotec Ultra is a fast curing, fully reinforced one coat roofing system which is suitable for all year round application. This rapid curing liquid applied system cures within one hour of application and once cured provides a seamless waterproof finish. This self- terminating coating can reduce onsite costs compared to market-leading systems and can greatly reduce build schedules. Eurotec Ultra is available with warranties up to 25 years. Can be used as part of the Eurotec Ultra BUR (Built Up Roof)

It can be applied to:

  • Concrete decks (with primer)
  • Mastic Asphalt
  • Bituminous sanded felt and mineral felt overlays
  • Timber decks (with primer and carrier membrane)
  • Full BUR (built up, heat free, insulated roof system)


  • Rapid curing system
  • Can be applied at –5°C
  • VOC Free
  • Instantly showerproof
  • Single layer application minimising contract periods
  • Once cured will allow for limited foot traffic
  • Fire tested to Broof (t4

Product range: Quantum




Quantum range of liquid roofing coatings have been designed in conjunction with The University of Sheffield Polymer Centre and are a leap forward in polymer technology. Manufactured in the UK to meet UK exacting climates and tested to the harshest levels “The Florida test” the Quantum range of liquid solutions can be used on both new build and refurbishment projects


  • Euroshield P5 & P10
  • Rapide One
  • Eurotec SPO One
  • Eurotec Bitumen Overlay
  • Eurotec WB
  • Eurotec Ultra
  • Eurotec Ultra BUR

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