Freefoam Flexible H-trim/Joint Trim Hollow Soffit.



A new innovative trim designed to join soffit at any angle between 90° and 180°. Made from PVC-U with a flexible ‘spine’ that easily bends. Ideal for hipped roofs, porches and bay windows where joining soffits at unusual angles is necessary. Provides a tailor made professional finish.

It can be used in the following situations:

  • Hip roof: To join sloping soffits that meet at 900 angle hipped corners.
  • Porches: To join a sloping soffit that meets a level soffit at any angle between 900 & 1800.
  • Bay Windows: To fit soffit over timber or steel corner posts giving a symmetrical finish, with a ‘no nails’ installation.

Type: Joiner 

Unit: 5m

Units/Pack: 5 

Colours available:

  • White
  • Black

Freeflow® is an innovative, high-quality PVC-U rainwater system. 

Freeflow is the result of Freefoam’s culture of continuous innovation and investment in research and development. This range has been designed to ensure both reliable, leak-free performance and quick installation.


  • Coextruded to reduce main cause of leaks
  • Long-life advanced compressible seals for water-tight joints
  • 50 Year Lifetime Guarantee provides customers with significant competitive advantage
  • Protective Film on all gutters to avoid scratches
  • Environmentally sustainable system

How do I buy?

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