GECO Euroflex APP waterproofing membrane.



General purpose waterproofing membranes designed and manufactured for the specific needs of the roofing contractors. The plastomeric modified bitumen polymer (BPP) which is used gives an excellent flexibility and workability on any roof. The carrier is a non-woven reinforced polyester giving excellent performance in terms of mechanical resistance. The high dimensional stability is obtained by insertion of a glass fibre reinforcement inside the polyester itself.

The self-protected cap-sheet version, EUROFLEX PA 4,5 kg mineral, grants a high protection against ageing, UV and IR rays, and is normally available in the light grey/green colour, but it can be supplied in different colours upon request to comply with specific aesthetic and architectural requirements.

Technical information:

  • Type of compound: APP
  • Type of reinforcement: Polyester , Fiberglass, Polyester
  • Upper face finish: Sand or talc, Mineral
  • Lower face finish: Film PE
  • Lowest temperature:  -10°C

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