GECO Mineral Refurb membrane TEX V-200



GECO Mineral Refurb membrane (M.R.) TEX V-200 has been designed using a formulation based on a specially modified bitumen compound, with differentiated waterproofing masses, studied to be used directly on the top of the old mineral surfaced felts. The upper face compound is composed of distilled bitumen and elasto-plastomeric polymers, while the lower part compound is composed of distilled bitumen modified with special polymers that provide particular characteristics of high adhesion on the old mineral finished felt, and excellent workability.

A special waterproofing mass has been formulated to bond the upper & lower compounds together. GECO M.R. TEX V-200 is reinforced with a non-woven single strand glass fabric composite TEX-V 200, to grant excellent mechanical characteristics and extraordinary dimensional stability.

The GECO M.R. TEX V-200 membrane is finished on the upper face with a special white mineral with good reflective capacities, besides extending the life expectancy of the membrane, its reduces heat buildup both on the external surface as well as inside the building with reasonable savings in terms of energy consumption. The emissivity of the GECO M.R. TEX V-200 furthermore favours the dissipation of accumulated heat during the night. The lower face or application surface has a polypropylene mat finish. GECO M.R. TEX V-200 is provided with a side selvedge of 10 cm and a head selvedge of 15 cm, which favours the joining and water resistance of the sheets.

Technical information:

  • Type of compound: Special
  • Type of reinforcement: Woven fibre glass
  • Upper face finish: White reflex self-protected mineral surface
  • Lower face finish: Polypropylene mat
  • Lowest temperature:  -20°C

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