GECO Europlus SBS waterproofing membrane.



SBS waterproofing membrane

EUROPLUS is a high specification waterproofing felt. It is made from a distilled bitumen modified with elastomeric polymers giving the product high elasticity, excellent cold flexibility (-20°C) and easy workability during any time of the year.

The special “Spun-bond” polyester, reinforced with glass fibre, is used to obtain a high mechanical resistance together with elongation and dimensional stability.

When flame is not permitted by insurance companies or fire authorities, EUROPLUS is the ideal solution, since it can be applied using a hot air gun, granting a perfect adhesion.

Due to extensive research and development of the base compound, minimal heat is required to adhere to sound substrates.

Technical information:

  • Type of compound: SBS
  • Type of reinforcement: polyester
  • Upper face finish: Polypropylene film, Mineral
  • Lower face finish:  Polypropylene film
  • Lowest temperature: -20°C

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