KLOBER Permo TR Tape.



Permo TR plus is an essential product for reducing energy loss through the roof. It is a multifunctional adhesive tape, ideal for creating airtight seals between laps in underlays or vapour control layers/air barriers, repairing holes in underlays/vcls and sealing around pipe sealing collars.

Technical details:

Dimensions: (25m x 60mm wide)

Packaging/Weight: 10 rolls per carton/3.8kg

Suitable for:

  • Repairing holes/tears in underlays or vapour control layers/air barriers
  • Sealing laps between underlays or vapour control layers/air barriers
  • Creating a seal around sealing collars
  • Around roof penetrations
  • Butt joints
  • PVC
  • Other surface; metal, glass, PUR-foam/styrofoam
  • Used for both internally and externally
  • All pitched roofs


  • Acrylic adhesive with PE release paper



How do I buy?

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