Marley Eternit Acme Double Camber Clay Plain Roof Tiles.



  • Unique double camber for an instant visual appeal
  • This is a truly traditional profile with the benefits of modern manufacturing techniques, long life, quality and versatility.
  • 6 colours available
  • A ‘Very Good’ certification for BES 6001 (all clay plain tiles)
  • A+ environmental credentials
  • Range of complementary clay plain tile fittings and accessories available

Technical information: 

  • Size of Tile:  265mm x 165mm
  • Minimum Pitch:  35°
  • Maximum Pitch:  90°
  • Minimum Headlap:  65mm (roof);  35mm (vertical)
  • Maximum Gauge:  100mm (roof);  115mm (vertical)
  • Cover Width:  165mm (nominal)
  • Covering Capacity:  60 tiles/m ² at 100mm gauge (roof);  53 tiles/m ² at 115mm gauge (vertical)
  • Weight of Tiling:  64kg/m ² (0.63 kN/m ² ) at 100mm gauge (roof);  56kg/m ² (0.55 kN/m ² ) at 115mm gauge (vertical)
  • Battens Required:  10.0 lin.m/m ² at 100mm gauge (roof);  8.7 lin.m/m ² at 115mm gauge (vertical)
  • Batten Size Recommended:  38mm x 25mm for rafters/supports not exceeding 600mm centres
  • Tile Nails:  38mm x 2.65mm

Colours available:

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