Marley Eternit-Thrutone Fibre Cement Roof Slate.


This is a fibre cement slate with a smooth surface and square cut edges. It is particularly suitable to complex roof geometries down to 15°.


  • Impressive minimum pitch down to 15 degrees
  • Achieves BES 6001 ‘Very Good’ rating to gain credits under BREEAM
  • Full roof system
  • Can be used for both roof and facade
  • Fibre cement is a 100% recyclable building material

 Technical information:

  • Sizes:
  • -600mm x 300mm
  • -600mm x 600mm
  • -500mm x 250mm
  • Minimum Pitch:
  • -Minimum pitch (100mm lap): Moderate exposure: 22.5°;  Severe exposure: 25°
  • -Minimum pitch (110mm lap): Moderate exposure 20°;  Severe exposure 22.5°
  • -Low pitch application-Minimum pitch (110mm lap): 15° – 17.5° @ 4m max. rafter length;  17.5° – 20° @ 6m max. rafter length
  • Maximum Pitch: 90°
  • Minimum Headlap: 600mm x 300mm – 100mm, 110mm;  500mm x 250mm – 100mm
  • Maximum Gauge: 600mm x 300mm – 245-250mm;  500mm x 250mm – 200mm
  • Covering Capacity: 600mm x 300mm – 100mm lap 13.4;  500mm x 250mm – 100mm lap 20.0
  • Weight of Tiling:  600mm x 300mm – 100mm lap 20.4 (0.20kN/m2);  500mm x 250mm – 100mm lap 21.3 (0.21kN/m2)
  • Battens Required: 600mm x 300mm – 100mm lap 4.00, 110mm lap 4.08;  500mm x 250mm – 100mm lap 5.00
  • Batten Size Recommended:  38 x 25 mm for rafters / supports not exceeding 450mm centres;  50 x 25mm for rafters / supports not exceeding 600mm centres
  • Tile Nails: Slate nails (Copper to BS1202-2) 30mm x 2.65mm
  • Copper disc rivets: Required
  • Authority:  BS EN 492

Colours available:



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