RESITRIX® SR Full Bond Grey Waterproofing membrane.



RESITRIX SR is a light grey coloured, self-adhesive, hot-air weldable EPDM waterproooofffing membrane. Due to the grey colour, RESITRIX SR offers new aesthetic design options and additionally has solar reflective properties.

Because it is solar reflective, RESITRIX SR helps to reduce the surface temperature of the waterproofing membrane in strong sunlight and thereby protects the building interior from excessive heat build-up.

The underside of the grey membrane is coated with self-adhesive polymer modified bitumen, with a release film.

On the underside of the sheet is a removable release film, which is important for the self-adhesive RESITRIX SR, preventing the membranes from adhering to the substrate before the roofer is ready.

The structure of the material:


  • Life expectancy-many decades
  • Single layer application
  • New aesthetic design options
  • Solar reflective properties
  • Secure installation-self-adhesive system
  • Fully elastic and highly flexible down to -40°C
  • No shattering effect
  • 100% frost and rot proof
  • Resistant to microorganisms
  • Resistant to the effects of ozone, UV and infrared radiation without additional surface protection.
  • Resistant to a wide range of environmental chemicals and atmospheric emissions.
  • Compatible with bitumen.
  • Contains no chlorine or plasticisers
  • Highly slip resistant even when wet
  • Withstands foot trafficking
  • No shrinkage
  • Recyclable
  • CE certification according to DIN EN 13956 and DIN EN 13967.

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