Dektite Seldek Nu-Lead Flashings for Tile & Slates Roofs.



No more unprotected lead!
SELDEK Nu-Lead has been developed for use where the handling of lead and associated environmental issues are of concern. Combines a long-life, weather-resistant EPDM cone with a grey primed acrylic coated lead base. The unique thermo-baked coating does not affect the lead’s malleability, and prevents leaching onto the roof and ito gutters, downpipes and the water table.

Technical information:

  • Pitch: 0-40°
  • For pipes sizes:
12 – 70mm 50 – 170mm 175 – 330mm
  • Base sizes:
490 x 410mm 600 x 450mm 850 x 550mm

Colours available:

  • Black

How do I buy?

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