VELUX Integra Roof Window – GGL electric clear lacquered


If you want the latest technology, great design and ultimate comfort, VELUX Integra is the answer.

Remote control pad

VELUX Integra roof window is perfect for lofts and extensions because of its out-of-reach options: it comes with a remote control pad with 7 pre-defined programs. This way, you can control when you want fresh air or sunlight inside your house just by a single touch of hand. The intelligent control pad offers a wide range of options to suit all your needs. For example, you could choose “Leaving home” and trust the control pad to close all the roof windows and secure them.

Rain sensor

Plus, no need to worry about the rain! VELUX Integra has a rain sensor, so in case of rain, the windows close automatically, and there won’t be a drop of rain inside your house.

Fresh air and sunlight

VELUX Integra can transform a room into a spectacular space by allowing sunlight to enter the house and providing increased ventilation. The pre-defined ventilation programs offer automatic airing.


  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Contributes to a good thermal efficiency.
  • Healthy living environment: fresh air & more daylight.
  • Worry-free home security – The intelligent control pad allows you to close all of your VELUX Integra roof windows at once, wherever they are located in your house. Simply press the “Leaving home” icon.
  • No rain inside the house – with the rain sensor technology.
  • It’s suitable for roof pitches between 15 and 90°.
  • 10 years guarantee

Clear lacquered pine finish

Choose the clear lacquered pine option and you will gift yourself a roof window with the warmth of natural pine and a long lasting triple coat finish.

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