VELUX smoke ventilation for flat roof.


VELUX roof windows with smoke and heat ventilation* are perfect for buildings that need to meet safety requirements while providing comfort for the users of the building. In the event of a fire, the window automatically opens to let smoke and other harmful gasses out of the building.

The windows can also be opened and used to provide natural ventilation to the building as needed.

Smoke and heat ventilation windows are typically used in common access areas such as stairwells and annex connections as well as in industrial buildings and offices.


  • Opens 50 cm within 60 seconds
  • Unobstructed view with integrated motor
  • Appears as standard VELUX flat-roof windows inside and outside
  • Comfort ventilation possible at the touch of a button. Rain sensor available
  • Equipped with a control system: break glass point, comfort switch, smoke detector and rain sensor.

Watch the operation:

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