Why Skyline?

Flat Roofing

A flat roof generally has a pitch below 5° and is protected by a waterproofing membrane. Flat roofs are used on nearly all types of buildings, and by using the correct products and application they continue to provide an effective waterproof covering.

Our experts can help you select the right product for your application, and ensure your project complies with the latest insulation requirements.

In recent years manufacturers have made outstanding improvements to flat roofing products, and the introduction of high performance felts, single ply systems and a variety of other liquid membranes and treatments have virtually eliminated the risk of leaks when correctly applied.

Much interest is around ‘Green’ roofs, and our supplier of this eco-friendly product has supplied kits for us.

We can help you choose from the suppliers shown and supply all the accessories needed.


We show links to Major Manufacturers where detailed downloads are available.