Why Skyline?

Are you a roofing contractor looking to upgrade your services with innovative solutions?

Look no further than the Marley SolarTile®...

With household bills rising, the nation is looking for ways to reduce their home and business running costs. This modern, sustainable solution is bound to impress!

The roof integrated solar panel replaces the tiles on the roof so that the panels sit lower in the roofline, delivering a sleeker, less obtrusive aesthetic, while harnessing renewable energy.

This high-performance tile has been meticulously designed to work well in all weathers. It achieves exceptional fire performance and is the only roof-integrated solar system accredited with the highest resistance to spread of flame and fire penetration in all European fire safety tests achieving BRoof T1, T2, T3 and T4. Its certified wind resistance is more than four times greater than other products on the market, without any modification to the roof structure below.

As well as being easy to fit, the installation time is quick. The solar panels and flashings can be fitted to the roof first and then the roof covering can be fixed around them. Integrated solar panels are also easy to install as a retrofit option.

Key features:
• Up to 15-year manufacturer guarantee
• Very low profile
• Renewable energy to reduce household bills
• Lightweight, compact, and simple to install
• Seamless integration with full Marley roof system and all tile types

Don’t hesitate to speak with our team of experts, we are confident this product will impress!

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