Why Skyline?

Cedral have launched 9 new colours!

There will now be 21 colours, arranged across four collections

Each collection reflects a specific lifestyle and colour palette. To help homeowners visualise their chosen colour on their home, Cedral have launched a free Augmented Reality (AR) app. This app allows homeowners to see how different colours would look on their home in real-time, simply by pointing their phone or tablet at their house.

Cedral is ideal as an over-clad solution for existing properties, or as part of a new build facade. It’s an ideal low maintenance, rot free alternative to traditional timber weatherboard. Fibre cement offers both contemporary and flexible design options to suits every style.

• Easy to install
• Low maintenance
• Resistant to rot and immune to attack by pests & insects
• Class 0 and EN 13501-1 fire performance classified to A2-s1, d0
• UV resistant

Our Click & Lap range are available in wood and smooth finishes. Whether you’re cladding an agricultural, industrial, commercial or domestic building, our designated sheeting and cladding department have the resources to supply everything you need for your project.

Call 01923 209603 to speak to an expert.

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