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Your local stockist of the NEW VENT3® AIR – air open and vapour permeable breathable roofing felt

VENT3® AIR; Air open which means it allows more passage of air through the membrane to diffuse moisture build up

VENT3® AIR is a revolutionary and reliable solution for preventing moisture-related problems in roof structures. Its ability to allow air to pass through while blocking water makes it an ideal choice for maintaining a healthy and efficient roof system. By effectively managing moisture, VENT3® AIR membranes contribute to reducing the risk of moisture-related issues within the roof structure such as rot and mould. Its moisture management capability helps maintain a healthy and durable environment for occupants and an extended roof lifespan.

VENT3® AIR breathable membrane is designed to meet the highest standards of performance, durability, and efficiency whilst being easy to install. The membrane has excellent air permeability, vapour resistance and water tightness properties. Its lightweight design makes it a hassle-free choice and contractors can rest easy knowing they’ve chosen a reliable and innovative solution for their projects.

The membrane can bring numerous advantages to a building but particularly improving energy efficiency. Air-open membranes play a crucial role in enhancing the thermal performance of a building by preventing moisture accumulation within the insulation layer. This helps preserve the insulation's ability to resist heat flow, resulting in improved energy efficiency and enhanced indoor comfort.

In summary, the use of VENT3® AIR membranes can improve energy efficiency, reduce risk of moisture-related issues, increase roof lifespan, and enhance indoor comfort. These advantages make it a reliable and cost-effective choice for both residential and commercial buildings.

Some of its key features are found below;

• Cold-pitched roofs – no need for additional ventilation
• No need for the use of vapour control layers
• Watertightness technology
• Extremely breathable
• Complies with NHBC/LABC guidance
• BS 5534 – 345mm batten gauge - zones 1-3 without the need for taping
• Universal breather for all pitched roof types, warm cold ventilated and non-ventilated

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